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28 July 2005


Anil Dash

That error probably means the mt-db-password.cgi file doesn't have your correct database password, but you might find setup easier on the new version 3.2, which is already in beta. Also, we have a number of hosting partner providers (linked on the Movable Type homepage) who offer Movable Type preinstalled and can even help on migrating from TypePad. That might be a good bet.


Anil, many thanks for that tip. I'll look into 3.2.

Re Six Apart hosting partners, yes, I've looked at them from the links on your partners page. I guess I was focusing more on the bandwidth offered by hosting services where the ones I mentioned in my post offer a lot, much more than the hosting partners, and at lower cost.

But as I've pretty much decided to go with Movable Type, a partner with specific skills, knowledge and support is more important. Migration help from TypePad will be important, too.

More food for thought, thanks!

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