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23 July 2005


Michael Klusek

Just got around to catching up on your podcasts. Happy 50th show by the way.

I have used Word Press for a client. Has some advantages. Free just need to install at your hosting service. Has facility for static pages, so blog can be more like web site. Have plug in architecture for templates and feature additions. Also posting is faster since actually stored in mysql database(also free) and don't have to rebuild site to publish. Down side is opensouce so support is up to developer community. Since you are a tech guy this is less of an issue.

I use PowWeb(california) as my host and they provide and support both for free. 300GB of bandwith/mo, 5GB of storageload balancing, and you can actually get thru to tech support.
Only $7.77/mo

Anyway, my two cents worth.


Michael, thanks for your comments. A good two cents!

I made the decision and have gone with Movable Type and with Total Choice Hosting. Pretty comfortable with them and they know about blogs.

Thanks for your wishes re the podcast!

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