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25 September 2005


Andrew Marritt

re your moving platform comments I went through a similar case when I moved from Blogger to Wordpress a few months ago. There will be some differences because you are using your own demain whilst I was using the blogger format. Here is how I managed it:

I copied the posts across to WP using the import tool. This was pretty easy.

The comments were harder as I was using haloscan. I didn't manage to find a good solution. For the most recent active posts I added a '10 people commented on this' with a link. Checking back some of those comments have disappeared.

I was using feedburner to publish my feed so there was no need to get users to change.

I left the blogger posts online. It took about 3 months before I got more traffic to the new site as much is search-engine driven. As I was using an old domain Google / Yahoo etc were cataloguing the new site from the start.

I put a note in the title of the blogger site that it was the old site with a link to the new one

I searched to see who had linked to me on their blogroll and sent these people an email asking them to change the link.

My only thought on your situation is that of old links. Unless you keep both blogs running with the same URLs you will kill all the old links.

Hope that helps,


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