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29 December 2004


David Tebbutt

Go on then. They seem to be all the rage

Neville Hobson

Invite on its way, David!

Jacob Bøtter

If Neville run out of invites, I'd be willing to hand out six invitations to Gmail aswell.

Neville Hobson

Great gesture, Jacob, thanks.

Maybe the shine is not so bright with Gmail these days. I expected the offer to be snapped up pretty quickly. Not so!

Cliff Allen

I'd appreciate an invite. I had expected Gmail to be public by now. I'm starting to wonder if I'm a "late adopter" for waiting until near the end of its beta to jump on this? How the tech world has changed.

Ted Pibil

If you still have a GMail invite available, I would be most appreciative.


Neville Hobson

Cliff and Ted - invitations on their way.

Ivan Pope

If you've still got one going, I'd like to try Gmail out.
Thanks, Ivan

Neville Hobson

Ivan, invitation on its way...


Well, in for a penny...
Any chance of one?


Neville Hobson

Lee, invitation on its way.

Nice clock and GeoLoc map on your website :))

Raymond Pereira

if you have any invites left....i am in dier need of it..please...have mercy...




i would highly appreciate if u send me an invitation...
i can't wait to experience it....hope u have few left...
please send me one..

Reynold Spencer
London Business School


If anybody has a spare gmail invitation, please send it to me. I need it most. Its really hard to create a new account every month and then to manage them ...

Neville Hobson

Just one invitation left so as it's first come first served - Raymond, it's for you. Invite on its way.

By the way, I noticed that your IP address is exactly the same as Reynold's, yet you're in Venice and he's in London. Curious! Maybe you can somehow share the account :)

Navraj, perhaps Jacob has some left - you could ask.

Closing comments now. If Gmail offer any more invitations in the future, I'll be sure to post about it in this blog.

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