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10 January 2005



What a sad thing to happen, great pics by the way...


Good piece of blog-citizen journalism :) Glad the driver made it.

Interesting piece of information, should it ever happen to you (I am a volunteer fireman btw): don't try to open the car door! Even partially submerged, the force needed for this is much more than any normal person can handle.

If you are lucky and your car is old enough to have manual window openers, simply roll down the window. If you have electric window openers, keep a window smashing tool (usually combined with a belt cutter) handy. You ought to have one of these in your car anyway.

my 0.02c :) Have a nice day!



I probably would've forgotten my lunch! Haven't you, Neville?

It's good to know that our police is so fast (when it's needed). What strikes me though: why didn't the driver just get out of the car? That's what I've learned:
1. get out the doorwindow if you're not too deep in the water yet, or
2a. wait until the cabine is almost filled, take a deep breath, open the window
2b. (or, if the electricity is out, break the doorwindow with your lifehammer or open up the door anyway) and
3. get out.

The car seems undamaged, so that "bang" was no accident against a truck or something - probably just the car hitting the water. Could the driver have been so severely hurt that it wasn't possible to leave the car anymore?

If he/she wore a lifebelt, that shouldn't be possible... (couldn't see a safety bag either, btw)

Hmmm... puzzling.

But fortunate, this time!


Neville Hobson

Thanks MarieA! Amazing what you can very quickly do with a digital camera on hand (and imagine how even quicker if I'd had a camera phone and moblogged the report).

Irakli, that's excellent advice. In watching the rescue from my balcony, I couldn't see how the diver got the driver out. When the car was hoisted out of the canal, you could see that all the windows were intact and none of them was open.

So maybe the car had already quickly filled up with water and the either the driver opened it underwater or the diver did.

No doubt the details will emerge on local TV news later today.

Neville Hobson

Rob, good questions. As I mentioned in my previous comment (which I was typing as you were leaving your comment), I guess someone opened the door underwater.

As for how it happened, that's another good question. No skid marks in the road, no collision with anything, no indicator anywhere to see how the car managed to get into the canal.

What I think is likely is that the driver was parking, which is facing the canal, and maybe his foot slipped on the accelerator - and off the car went.


Frightening for the driver. Wise advice, Rob, about rolling down the window. We'll all remember that for next time.

Funny thing is that the canals here are not all that deep. Big question is HOW did the driver get the car into the canal? Without any visible markings or tracks, is it possible that there is no parking barrier on the edge there? Did you find out yet what really happened, Nev?

Neville Hobson

Colby, I just added some comment to the post with another photo I just took - this shows some tyre tracks.

From this pic, it could be that the driver somehow lost control and went into the canal as the photo suggests.

You're right, the canals generally aren't that deep. But, the municipality dredged this part of the Zuider Amstel canal a few months ago, so I think it's much deeper than you might expect.


Well...guess we should watch AT5 tonight to get the story.


This makes me want to superglue the handle of the window safely back on my car's door.....

Neville Hobson

Good idea, LC, especially with that car of yours :))

Just don't glue the handle too tight...


Nice job Neville.

On my to do list: buy window smashing tool and belt cutter...

Neville Hobson

Thanks, Hans.

I think that's an idea that will be crossing a lot of people's minds, especially the seat belt cutter.

Allan Jenkins

Good lord! And I thought my tuna on toast lunch was exciting.

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