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23 June 2005


Tom Keefe

You wrote:
"Like any other communication tool used by employees, a blog is no substitute or surrogate for the personal communication and trust that must be built and maintained between employees and their direct managers."

This point must be repeated often and loudly to middle and upper management. I was challenged recently by a process director when I said that we need to get information to front-line supervisors to disseminate to their staffs. He thought that the "best way" would be for him to send an email to the department.

I backed up my suggestion with reference books including "Communicating Change" and "Inside Organizational Communication." His response was to look at the publication dates and state, "This is old; I don't believe that this is true any more."

As recent studies continue to affirm, I was on the right track, and he was on a boat headed down the river of Denial.

On the point of employee responsibility when posting to blogs, I believe that we need to educate and train employees on the "rules," and then monitor them as necessary. I discuss how this relates to a child's request for a new pet in my blog, "Of Pets & Blogs," at http://commakazispeekez.blogspot.com/

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