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30 August 2005



But aren't you afraid that the supercomputer that runs Google will become evil and try to exterminate humanity?

Mark Bradley

You should also try out Skylook (www.skylook.biz) I used it to interview the developers in my last show to be found at http://libsyn.com/media/antipodeanpodcast/APC_27.8.05_The_VOIPish_Show.mp3 - very good sound quality from the recordings and neat integration into MS Outlook

Chris Thilk

I agree that Google Talk is a somewhat ackward name. I've actually been using GTalk as shorthand when talking about it with other people.

Ken Yarmosh

I know that Skype users are very loyal and that Google Talk is the only thing has seemed to cause them to question Skype....


I am a real fan of Gizmo Project. Unlike what it requires for Skype (or Google Talk) to record conversations, Gizmo Project offers this feature standard. Recording literally takes a click of a button. While Gizmo Project currently does not offer a text IM feature, the sound quality is superior and it also offers a free voicemail inbox. You should consider giving it a try.



Nice one, Shedletsky. No I'm not afraid - and I've even watched the Googlezon/EPIC history lesson ;)

Mark, I've looked at Skylook. It's not for me. Someone in your neck of the woods really loves it, though. You should connect with him - Lee Hopkins in Adelaide (www.leehopkins.net). He does a good podcast, too.

Chris, I think the name GTalk may well enter many people's vocab as the name they'll use. Like you, that's what I call it.

Ken, I've tried Gizmo (initial impressions here: http://www.nevon.net/experimental/2005/07/trying_out_gizm.html). Yes, it is good, but nowhere near compelling enough to make me switch from Skype at the moment.

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